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Start your solo freelancing business and grow it with us. I will share my experience of finding clients, building relationships, remote work, pricing, taxes and life around it.

My name is Parbhat Puri. I have been freelancing remotely with overseas clients from India for 7+ years. It was an unusual career path. I was fortunate to choose it. I am starting this site to share my solo journey with you. Freelancing is often portrayed as a fancy career path stating things like being your boss, working from the beach, earning USD, etc. But only a few articles provide details of the day-to-day life of a freelancer.

On this site, I will write articles from the very first step of deciding to start freelancing. Then I will take you through the general issues like finding clients, hourly rates, taxes, working remotely and growing as a freelancer. There will also be guest posts from other freelancers. The goal of this site is not to criticize jobs and glorify freelancing. My goal is to highlight the inner details and provide an alternate path. So the folks know what to expect and the efforts required to be a successful freelancer/contractor.

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