Entering 30s

Reflecting on my 20s life as I am entering my 30s.

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I have turned 30 today. Entering into 30s is a special feeling. In my mind, I am reflecting on my 20s life. Entering into the 20s was normal. I was studying at college and looking to start my career. The focus in the 20s was to get a good job and earn money. The goal was decided so I had to work towards it. As I am entering my 30s, I am not sure about my goals. I have some things in my mind. But a main goal like in my 20s is not there. Let me reflect on my 20s and share some learnings.

  • I was lucky to explore remote work in the initial days. With every new upcoming theme those who start early take the maximum benefit. I was fortunate enough to pick it early (2015) and build my career on top of it. Remote intern > Remote Software developer > Remote freelancer > Remote business owner. I utilised the benefit of earnings in USD and spending in rupees.
  • The decision to work in the tech sector was great. Living in India and working in tech is the best you can do apart from being a politician. Highly skilled tech workers are most pampered if we compare them to other roles.
  • Some relationships turned bad as people came to know you earn well. Not sure if it is specific to Indian joint families.
  • The major setback I got in my 20s was to lose my father. I was exposed to the harsh outer world. Till 27 I did not have any family responsibilities and was mostly focused on my work. He always believed in me and provided everything to succeed. Due to working remotely, I was able to spend time with him after college. I wish we had more time together. I love you, papa.
  • In the late 20s, I got married. Lucky to have a loving wife. You and your childish nature complete me. Recently I have become a father. The best feeling nowadays is to hold my child in my hands.

Frankly, as I am entering my 30s, I am not sure about my goals. I will explore different things and see how it goes. Thanks for reading till the end. I will keep you posted.

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